Vaccines for Puppies & Dogs

Help your canine companion gain immunity to protect them from fatal diseases.

You just adopted a new canine companion… now what?! A new pet may be exciting and fun, but it also comes with many responsibilities including protecting them from infectious (and deadly) diseases. This is especially important for puppies as they lack the immunity to protect themselves. To learn more, please call us at 416-444-7387.

At what age should I bring my puppy for their vaccinations?

Ideally, your puppy will get 3 sets of boosters. The series is given every 4 weeks, starting at approximately 8 weeks of age. The rabies vaccine will be given at the same time as the third DHPP booster. Following that, adult dogs will get revaccinated every 1-3 years, depending on the type of vaccine and your dog's lifestyle habits.

Why does my dog need to be revaccinated?

Immunity fades after a certain duration as the number of antibodies decreases. In most properly vaccinated dogs, the immunity should be good for 1+ years but the decline rate varies between individuals. To maintain the best protection, revaccinations are recommended. As vaccines are improved over time, some do not need to be given as often, as it also depends on your dog's risk factors. Low-risk dogs may be revaccinated every 3 years, but higher-risk dogs may require annual boosters. 

Will my dog react to the vaccines?

There is always going to be a risk of an adverse or allergic reaction. However, vaccines today are produced to very high standards and are safer than ever. Most dogs generally do not develop any reactions. However, some may develop mild sneezing and cold-like symptoms such as lethargy or mild discomfort. If your dog seems to be in excessive pain or is behaving oddly for a prolonged period, then please contact your veterinarian right away!

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