Parasite Control & Prevention

Protecting your pet against internal and external parasites.

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, your pet may at one point in life become infected with parasites. This is completely normal! However, the most important action is to get them treated right away as parasite infections can be painful and lethal if left untreated. Preventive and proactive care is therefore the best option to keep your pet safe and healthy. If you are looking to discuss a parasite prevention plan, please contact us at 416-444-7387.

How does a parasite prevention plan work?

Every pet is different, and we need to take into consideration many factors to curate the perfect parasite prevention plan. Some of these factors may include their age, health status, breed, lifestyle, and environmental risks. Depending on their risk factor, the dosing schedule can vary anywhere from monthly to once a year. 

What happens if parasites are left untreated?

If your pet is left untreated, the parasite can become life-threatening to not only your pet but also to you and your family members. Some intestinal parasites can lead to heart failure or intestinal blockage whereas others can lead to high blood pressure, anemia, and severe weight loss. If your pet brings in a parasite capable of infecting humans, then you or somebody else in the household may be at high risk of contracting it too. This is particularly directed towards families with young children, as their immunities are not yet fully developed.

My pet never goes outside. Do they need preventives?

Believe it or not, even pets that stay inside can be infected with parasites. Fleas and ticks can attach to your clothes, shoes, or other pets that may visit your house, which can then travel to your furry friend. Heartworm can easily be transmitted with just one single bite from a mosquito, and we know how easily they can enter our houses. That's why the best way to protect your pet, as well as your home against these parasites, is to invest in preventives.

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