Bloodwork Services for Pets

A simple method to look for underlying health issues before it's too late.

Despite appearing healthy on the outside and displaying no clinical signs of pain, pets may secretly be suffering from a hidden condition. If left undetected, these issues may lead to serious life threats. This is one reason why veterinarians perform blood tests - to identify issues before they get to this point. If you have any questions regarding bloodwork, please do not hesitate to reach out at 416-444-7387. 

When is bloodwork recommended? 

Our veterinarians may recommend a blood test for various reasons. The most common is before any surgeries that require anesthesia. This bloodwork allows your veterinarian to assess your pet's overall health and make sure there are no underlying conditions that could affect the way your furry companion reacts to the anesthesia. If the pre-anesthetic bloodwork displays abnormalities, the surgery may be postponed. Routine bloodwork is also recommended during annual exams to ensure there are no pre-existing health conditions, but it is especially important in senior pets so we can treat any health issues before it becomes too serious. 

Is bloodwork painful for my pet?

Not at all. The process is quick and feels similar to any type of injection your pet may receive. Although your pet may feel a slight pinch as the needle enters, they carry on as normal for the rest of the process with no issues. 

Does my pet need to fast before blood tests?

It depends on the type of bloodwork. While some blood tests can still achieve accurate results in non-fasted patients, others will produce inaccurate results if given food prior to the appointment. It is ideal to have your pet fasted 6 hours prior to the appointment but it would be best to discuss it with our team so we can give you the most reliable information that best suits the requirements of the blood test being performed!

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